These Crazy Kids

She's got ray bans and a spray tan
Shares her life on instagram
Closet full of fancy shoes and designer handbags
She love to dance, loves to be on stage
Her legs seem to go for days
Likes sugar in her coffee and sleeping on saturdays

It must have been the summer weather
That brought these crazy kids together
Even with September coming around the bend
And getting lost on the streets of Boston
Staying up 'til three A.M
And they don't want, they don't want
No they don't want the night to end

And it's the third of July, colors bursting in the sky
Sitting around a bonfire
And they're all singing along to a Sam Cooke song
And out on the back of her father's old Cadillac
Somewhere across the tracks
These two crazy kids will take a chance
And take their summer romance
And try to turn it into love

He's a cool guy, keeps his hair styled
Don't need a hashtag to speak his mind
This old beat up pick up truck is the only car he drives
Turns the volume up on the radio for a Jimmy Page guitar solo
On a mixtape he made for her full of old time rock and roll


Heading nowhere they go driving
Down some little country road
And she don't care if the wind messes up her hair
No they won't know where they're going until they get there

Every Night

it's a hot summer night in city, baby with you on my armWell there ain't nothing sweeter than drinking margaritas with you
At a little seaside bar
There's a blues band playing down below so kick back and put up your feet
You put a smile on my face when you wear a little lace 
Because I know you wear it just for me

Baby you're wearing me down
whenever I come around

And honey every night you say you want my love
Say you want my love every night
And every time I think you've had enough you say
Baby I want it one more time
Well I know that you like what I do
But sometimes I wanna try something new
Oh, every night you say you want my love
Say you want my love every night

Well I know that you miss me
Whenever we are apart
Well if you need a little huggin' if you need a little lovin'
Well I know you know my number by heart
Baby I'm always right around the corner
And I like the way you make my coffee in the morning
I'll never forget that sweet silhouette 
And what was waiting for me at the top of the steps


Well baby I know what you like
Oh I do and you try to be quiet but every night  you're like
Oh, oh, oh

Working Man

Well I ain't looking for a soul mate oh no I ain't 
I need somebody who can pay my way
I need me a sugar mama yeah I ain't ashamed to say
I ain't got no job and I ain't got no car
My clothes have all got holes
I ain't got not money honey but at least I still got soul

Oh but soon baby we can watch TV
We'll go out to dinner, it'll be on me
Turn on the lights and turn up the heat
Because don't you know what I'm gonna be

I said baby I'm gonna be your working man
I'll give you all the money I earn just because I can
And I said baby don't you worry I got a plan
Oh soon we'll drink the good stuff
Oh yeah soon I'm gonna be your working man

Pull up in a fast car to some swanky bar
Order champagne and caviar
Maxin' out my credit card 
And you're hardly working 'cause I'm working hard
That little black dress and your diamond rings
And a pair of fancy shoes
All you ever wanted honey was a man that you could use

I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be your working man

Every morning you come knocking at my door
Wearing the same clothes and the same smile you were wearing the night before
But baby now I just don’t know why
And baby now you just can’t deny
So baby now why do you even try to say that his loving is better than mine
Oh but darling you can’t pretend you ain’t got these feelings inside
So you got them butterflies, you just can’t disguise how badly you want me                       
And you are all twisted up inside because you can’t resist resisting me
And I’ll take you back if you insist but a love like this it can’t exist
If you don’t apologize and tell you me you’ve have got those butterflies
Verse 2:
So please, please, baby can we come to some sort of compromise
Looks like we can’t but you know that I can sympathize because
I believe in butterflies and I believe in everything but your eyes
I’ve given them a thousand tries but they just keep on telling me lies